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The simple answer to this is when you feel that getting up a flight of stairs is a struggle or a inconvenience, it is the time to consider purchasing a stairlift. If you’re concerned about you or your loved one losing balance and falling, if you are struggling to catch your breath, or if your knees just hurt, contact Mobility & More for a free stairlift installation quote.

Each stair lift model, although similar, has different benefits and some are more suited to a particular staircase than others. Our expertly trained technicians will provide you with a free consultation and suggest what the best options are for you.

There is a stair lift available to suit nearly all staircases. Most staircases are either straight, have a middle landing, or are curved/spiral. Stairlifts can be installed on either side of a staircase. They can be placed to accomodate an inside or outside curve and maneuver through landings, easily managing 90 and 180 degree turns. In some cases, a customer who has a middle landing can put 2 stair lifts in, one on the first set of steps and the other on the second set. Mobility & More will customize your stairlift to fit any situation.

A stair lift can usually be installed within a few hours. We’ll work with you to schedule a day and time that is most convenient for you.

Absolutely not. When your stair lift is not in use, the seat, pedestal and arm rest fold away allowing full access to your stairs until you need to use your stairlift again.

Key safety features on most stair lifts include a seat belt, obstruction sensors that will stop the lift if something block its path and a swivel seat lock that holds the unit in place while you get on or off. Constant pressure controls ensure the lift will stop if you release your finger from the controls.

Not really, unless you don’t have an electrical outlet to provide power to operate the stair lift. In this case, you will need an electrician to install an outlet before the stair lift is installed. Mobility and More will provide you with a free consultation to determine what you need, and can even recommend a qualified electrician to help you.

Yes. Stair lifts can be useful even for someone who has limited mobility. Convenience features include folding arms that push up and out of the way, adjustable seat heights, and soft, padded seats.

Yes. Stair lifts are designed to last for many years and always come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Yes. In fact, there are models specifically manufactured with outdoor conditions in mind. An outdoor unit is weatherized to protect against the elements and comes with a chair cover. To prevent unauthorized use by others, it is equipped with a keyed operation system.

Contact us by either filling out our free quote form or by calling us at (888) 795- 9527 . A customer service representative will be happy to set up an appointment with you at your convenience.